We are Accountants who help you buy a business better by ensuring you avoid risks, pay the right price and have less stress.

Hi there,
my name is Tom

I’m a Chartered Accountant who loves helping people buy businesses.

Buying a business often involves taking a big leap into the unknown. Maybe you are putting your house on the line - not to mention the comfort of the life you know. You need an accounting partner that has the experience, the passion and the time to help you avoid all the traps safely.

I’ve helped many small to medium sized business buyers in the Bay of Plenty successfully navigate the process from finding out about the business for sale right through to settling on the business and then making it their own.

Why me? Well, most Chartered Accountants are generalists. That means they look after clients across all industries and sizes with all their tax and business advice needs. Think of it like your local doctor – you go to them for sniffles and coughs, but if something is seriously wrong you go straight to the specialist because you deserve the best. Your doctor has a good level of knowledge about most things medical – however some things need expert advice.

If you are putting your house or reputation or relationship (or perhaps all the above) on the line don’t you want an expert over a part-timer?

I’m looking forward to meeting you so I can hear more about the business you want to buy and let you know how I can help you do it safely and successfully.


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Expert,  independent

We are  available when  you need us

Provide you  confidence you are buying well

01. Reduce your Stress

You can rest easy knowing that if you use a business buying expert you’re getting the right advice.

02. Save you Time

When you are buying a business sometimes things need to happen right away. We answer our phone and do things on time.

03. Lower your Money worries

Our agreed fees mean there’s no surprises. You can use us as little or as much as you need without worrying about the clock running.

Check out what
our clients think
about us

“Tom helped me with a complete sale and purchase of a business and gave me the advice and confidence I needed to get the job done.

Tom was excellent to work with as I felt that he had the experience and knowledge that I needed and has been very approachable. Tom has gone above and beyond for me and I believe that is a true reflection of his character. I would not hesitate to recommend Tom for others looking for assistance when purchasing a business.

Not only does Tom have all the experience and knowledge necessary I found he also has connections with all the right people with different skill sets that really make the whole process a lot easier.”
purchased a gym
Part 1:
Last year I was looking at purchasing a business that I had worked in for a number of years. This was the first time I have owned a business and I knew nothing about the financial side or the purchasing aspects. I contacted Tom Beswick early in my journey; this decision was one of the best decisions I have made. Tom guided me through the entire process. Early in the purchasing process he provided me with advice and support on the financial aspects of the business, as we investigated whether this was a viable business or not. During this early stage he created forecasting budgets to assist me with my decision.  Tom then helped me through developing an active business plan that still provides me with guidance today. As the process continued he supported me through the bank processes, Tom’s advice and knowledge insured I secured a remarkable loan structure with the bank, something I am so grateful for.
Michelle Hill
Lilliput Preschool
Part 2:
Near the end of the purchasing procedure Tom played a huge role in ensuring all the due diligence was completed, eliminating any nasty surprises after purchase. He also set me up with my accounting software, Xero and Smart payroll. These systems have been invaluable to the successful running of my business, as was the training he organised for me to insure I was confident at using it. As I discovered buying a business is a complex procedure and involves a number of people all with their own part of the process. Tom was very helpful, putting me in contact with the right people for each job and liaising directly with a number of these people on my behalf. Tom continues to support me and looks after all my accounting needs, meaning I can spend more time working in my business.
Michelle Hill
Lilliput Preschool
Part 3:
I constantly found Tom professional, approachable, and knowledgeable. He answered my messages within good time; even the late night messages were answered within timely fashion. Tom was very patient and he always answered my questions with respect and honesty, even my “dumb ones”. I believe Tom has a holistic approach to accounting, taking into consideration the bigger picture, not just the figures. He has continued to provide me with support and guidance helping me to see how I can grow my business.

I have no hesitations on recommending Tom to others who a purchasing a business or looking at up grading their accountant, and I have done so on several occasions.  Without Tom’s support I wouldn’t have the confidence and systems in place that I do today.
Michelle Hill
Lilliput Preschool
Not every accountant goes the extra mile and comes to you, but Tom does! Tom’s presence on site has been invaluable. Tom provided advice and support during the due diligence period when purchasing our business. He showed a good grasp of the mechanics behind the numbers and what we needed to achieve to make the business a success. Tom put emphasis on preparing cash flow forecasts to help us structure our overdraft with sufficient headroom to manage the business and meet our growth targets.

Tom’s personalised, responsive and extremely supportive service was what we needed, so we could focus on the frontline aspects and have complete confidence that Tom and his team were making sure our I’s were dotted and t’s crossed.You couldn’t ask for a better service, nothing is an issue for Tom and he even takes emails and texts at 10pm. Such a relief to have such a professional and supportive approach.
Tyreworks Ltd
Tom has been very knowledgeable and a great asset to call on. He has given us the confidence that we are doing things ‘the right way’.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom to our friends and family as he has a nice easy-going relaxed manner, is very approachable and easy to talk to.
Pacific Collections Ltd

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